景德镇学院陶瓷美术和艺术设想学院 School of Ceramic Art and Art Design, Jingdezhen University 留先生招生简章 Enrollment Guide for Overseas Students
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Jingdezhen University, founded in 1977, is As a state-run regular institution of higher education. After more than 37 years of construction and development, the University has achieved the comprehensive college advantage of “Permeation of Arts and Science, Combination with Technology, Phase-contrast Art and Sports”. 
As the feature of Jingdezhen University, School of Ceramic Art and Art Design has seven junior-college/undergraduate specialties, namely Arts and Crafts, Ceramic Art Design, Computer Art Design, Decoration Art Design, Environmental Art Design, Animation Design and Production, and Art Education. Those overseas students who are willing to learn in Jingdezhen University and meet the following conditions can directly ask for Application Form for Admission of Overseas Students to Jingdezhen University and Enrollment Guide to the Foreign Affairs Department of the University by letter, fax or telephone, or download relevant form and materials from homepage of Jingdezhen University. The applicant shall have good health and good character, and shall meet related application requirements for academic qualification and have certain Chinese level.  
I. Application 
1. Categories and Conditions for Application for Admission 
1) Undergraduate (junior-college) students: Have the education background of graduation from senior middle school or above 
2) Ordinary advanced students: Have the education background of graduation from senior middle school or above
3) Ceramic art advanced students in International Summer School: Have relevant art cultivation and ceramic production technology basis. 
2. Catalogue of Enrollment Specialties

Education Background




Arts and Crafts (focusing on ceramic design)

Art (both arts and science)

Junior college

Ceramic Art Design (divided into three sub-specialties, namely Ceramic Decoration & Painting, Modern Ceramic Art, and Household Ceramic Art)

Art (both arts and science)

3. 请求资料 
3. Materials of Application
Materials of Application for Admission include:

  1. 1) 请求信。

1) Application letter 
2) Resume and fill in the Application Form for Admission of Overseas Students to Jingdezhen University
3) Application fee 
4. 请求时候 
4. Application time 
Advanced students: Start class at the beginning of February or the beginning of September every year. Please apply two months in advance. 
Degree students: Start class at the beginning of September every year. Please apply two months in advance.
5. Chinese Government Scholarship and Its Application 
中国教导部担任对外供给中国当局奖学金,并拜托中国国度留学基金操持委员会(简称“留学基金委” )详细担任中国当局奖学金来华留先生的招生任务及平常事件的操持任务。 
The Ministry of Education of the PRC is responsible for providing Chinese government scholarship and entrusting China Scholarship Council (abbreviated as “Scholarship Council”) to take charge of the enrollment and management of daily affairs for Chinese government scholarship’s overseas students in China. 
The period for enrollment is generally from the beginning of January to the end of April. Detailed registration time and methods of each country shall be negotiated between embassy (Consulate General) of the People’s Republic of China in the country or the embassy of the country in China and relevant overseas student dispatching department of the sending country. Please consult to them about the details. 
Inquire relevant information from the website (http://www.csc.edu.cn) of the Scholarship Council. 
II. Entrance Examination, Enrollment and Visa Matters 
1. Entrance examination 
Those overseas students who apply for a bachelor’s degree or above shall provide the academic certificates and transcripts corresponding to the application category during enrollment; or apply for enrollment as advanced students, and then attend related exam or test after learning relevant courses. 
2. 登科及签证 
2. Enrollment and Visa 
The Overseas Student Office of Jingdezhen University, after receiving the application materials (including the application fee), shall check whether the materials are complete and the applicant has the conditions for enrollment, and then admit the best applicants according to the planned enrollment; finally will send Letter of Admission and JW202 Visa Form to the selected applicants. 
The selected overseas students shall hold ordinary passport, Physical Examination Record For Foreigner and Blood Test Report original (valid period of 6 months) and Letter of Admission as well as JW202 Visa Application Form for Study in China to the embassy (Consulate General) of the People’s Republic of China in the country to apply for study (X) visa in China. 
III. Learning Time and Certificate 
1. The length of schooling for junior-college students is 3 years. When the student completes all the courses with qualified scores, the graduation certificate will be issued to him/her. 
2. The length of schooling for undergraduate students is 4 years. When the student completes all the courses with qualified scores, the graduation certificate will be issued to him/her, and the bachelor’s degree also will be awarded to him/her. 
3. The learning period for advanced students is generally from 1 semester to 2 academic years. The completion certificate will be issued to the student who has got qualified scores in refresher courses, but the degree will not be granted. 
IV. Expenses 
1. Tuition:

Learning courses

Art tuition

Junior-college student

RMB 24,000 per academic year

Undergraduate student

RMB 24,000 per academic year

Ordinary advanced student

RMB 20,000 per academic year

2. Accommodation fee:

Accommodation fee

Two-bed standard room in campus (equipped with air conditioner, color TV and independent toilet)

RMB 3,000 per person per academic year

——Insurance premium, medical fee, catering cost and other expenses shall be borne by the student himself/herself. 
V. Contact Information 
Foreign Affairs Department of Party and Government office of Jingdezhen University 
Address: No.838, Cidu Avenue, Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, the People’s Republic of China 
Zip Code: 333000
德律风: 86-798-8387786     传真: 86-798-8386194
Tel: 86-798-8387786         Fax: 86-798-8386194

Main Courses of Arts and Crafts: Sketch, Color, Chinese Traditional Culture and Cultivation, History of Chinese Arts and Crafts, History of Foreign Arts and Crafts, Basic Modeling, Fundamentals of Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Photography, Polychrome Painting, Ancient Color Porcelain, Blue-and-White, Comprehensive Decoration, Manual Shaping Technology, Life Ceramic Design and Production, Modern Ceramic Art, Ornamental Sculpture, Decal Paper Design, Decal Paper Type Setting and Production, Household Ceramic Design and Production, Graduation Creation 
陶瓷艺术设想(糊口陶瓷标的目的)首要课程: 设想素描、组成根本、图案设想、书法、设想概论、人体工程学、中国陶瓷美术史、设想速写、平面组成、陶瓷成型工艺、陶瓷外型设想、装潢画、适意花鸟、适意花鸟、陶瓷工艺学、陶瓷花纸设想、釉上彩绘、手工成型技法、陶瓷综合装潢、陶瓷配饰、釉下彩绘、产物结果图表现技法、糊口陶瓷设想与建造。 
Main Courses of Ceramic Art Design (focusing on household ceramic): Design Sketch, Constitution Foundation, Pattern Design, Calligraphy, Introduction to Design, Ergonomics, History of Chinese Ceramic Art, Design Sketch, Three-dimensional Composition, Ceramic Forming Technology, Ceramic Modeling Design, Decorative Painting, Fine Brush Flower-and-Bird Painting, Enjoyable Bird and Flower Painting, Ceramic Technology, Ceramic Decal Paper Design, Over-glaze Color Painting, Manual Shaping Technology, Comprehensive Decoration of Ceramic, Ceramic Accessories, Under-glaze Color Painting, Product Rendering Technique, Household Ceramic Design and Production 
陶瓷艺术设想(古代陶艺标的目的)首要课程: 布局素描、色采、人物速写、人体布局写生、陶艺观赏、三大组成、笼统外型、陶瓷彩绘、盘条工艺、泥板成型、拉坯工艺、挖空工艺、植物雕塑、装潢雕塑、糊口陶艺、人物雕塑、创意雕塑、情况陶艺。 
Main Courses of Ceramic Art Design (focusing on modern ceramic art): Structure Sketch, Color, Quick Sketch of Figure, Paint of Body Structure, Appreciation on Ceramic Art, Three Compositions, Abstract Modeling, Ceramic Painting, Technology of Wire Rod, Slab Building, Jiggering Technology, Hollowing Technology, Animal Sculpture, Ornamental Sculpture, Household Ceramic Art, Figure Sculpture, Creative Sculpture, Environment Ceramic Art. 

Main Courses of Ceramic Art Design (focusing on painted decoration): Sketch, Color, Basis of Composition, History of Chinese and Foreign Architecture, Photoshop, CAD, 3DMAX, Introduction to Interior Design, Ergonomics, Interior Advertising Design, VI Design, Rapid Expression of Architecture, Rendering Technique, Decorative Material and Technology, Residential Interior Design, Public Interior Design, Display Design, Plaza Planning and Design, Furniture Design

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